Does Your Business Need A Website?

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When it comes to the question of whether or not your business needs a website, there is an answer that can’t be disputed:

Yes. Your business needs a website.

The truth is, nowadays, the majority of consumers find businesses online and are making purchases online. It’s no longer enough to just have a physical storefront or office location. 

In fact, over 263 million American consumers shop online, and that number is expected to grow to over 291 million in the next 3 years. Not convincing enough? Here are four more reasons why your business needs a website.

A Website Makes Information Easy To Find

A successful website is one that answers every question that a customer may have. Some of these questions may include:

What are your business hours? 

What products/services do you offer? At what price? 

How can I contact you? 

A website can easily communicate this information by including opening hours, contact information, and even images of the company’s location and products all in one place. It’s also a great way to update information and give announcements, keeping customers updated on the latest drops, sales, and giveaways. 

A Website Builds Credibility 

A website is more than just a place to post your products or services. It’s also a way to build trust with customers and show off your business in the best light possible.

According to a study, 77% of consumers believe that a website makes a business appear more credible. Why? The information that is displayed, such as your address, telephone number, etc., lets people know that you’re a real person with a real business and not a scam. 

Furthermore, having a website gives you the ability to communicate quality information that may be useful to this visitor. This information can be in the form of a blog, videos, or even social media posts. This makes you look like an expert in your industry, and potential customers are more willing to trust you and more willing to purchase from your business. 

A Website Saves You Time 

Let’s face it, as a business owner, we’re sure you’ve gotten calls from several people asking the same exact question, even on the same day! If you have this information readily available on your site, customers won’t have the need to call you, reducing the number of calls you will get and allowing you to focus on other things. 

Along with that, a website automates the buying process for both goods and services. So no more walking a customer through the buying process or taking their information over the phone to complete a checkout. That person can simply enter their information online and all you have to worry about is providing for them. 

After reading this, you may be able to tell that it’s imperative for your business to have a website. However, what keeps many business owners (maybe including you!) from having one is the time that they just don’t have to invest in creating and managing it themselves. 

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