3 Ways to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website

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If you want to establish your business presence online, you’ll want to pick a domain name that matches your brand. Choosing the best domain name for your website is extremely crucial for your business’s success. It should reflect your brand in order to make your online presence (i.e., your website, social media, PR, etc.) consistent so that potential customers and clients don’t get confused when searching for you on the Internet. 

Choosing the wrong domain name can not only waste a lot of time and money in the future, but it can also hurt your search rankings. So, if you’re looking for tips on choosing a domain name, keep reading! 

Stick With .Com 

There are several domain name extensions such as .org, .net, and even .pizza. While it may be tempting to choose one of these to stand out, you may want to stick with .com. 

Dot-com is probably one of the most (if not the most) memorable domain name extensions and is almost difficult for anyone to mess up. Furthermore, there’s always a potential risk of the Internet pulling up an error page if the visitor is typing in a unique domain name extension. Hence why we recommend .com 


The shorter the domain name, the better. If it’s longer than 14 characters, you may want to trim it down. The ideal range is 6-14 characters. Unfortunately, people are not always going to actively remember your domain name if it’s too long, or may even confuse it with a different domain name, hurting your website traffic in the long run. 

Potential customers are busy with their own lives. They have full-time jobs, family obligations, social lives, and more. So, make it easier for them to remember your domain name. The shorter and catchier it is, the easier it will be for customers to remember you. 

Avoid Doubled Letters

Yet another easy way to lose website traffic: typos. 

If your domain name has, for example, 3 s’s or 3 b’s in a row, that increases the chances of people not typing the correct amount of s’s or b’s in the search engine. We believe that it’s okay if the domain name has 2 of the same letters in a row, but let’s make 2 the maximum amount. 

People often mistype words, especially if they’re in a rush or under a lot of stress at that moment; we can’t control these things. So, the more we can minimize this risk, the better. 

When first building your online presence, and eventually choosing a domain name, it’s best to avoid putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start. Following these tips can help you avoid that. 

In fact, your domain name should put you at a competitive advantage. Try choosing one that’s simple, memorable, and has a ring to it, while still reflecting your brand. 

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